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Unique innovation.

FLEX is introducing a new range of cordless tools that are setting new quality and performance standards thanks to their fully- developed machine and battery concept. Even when power requirements are higher, i.e. large screwing and drilling diameters, the special system ensures long running times.

A unique innovation forms the basis for the good performance of FLEX cordless tools. The battery cells are jacketed with a cooling material that actively reduces the build-up of heat. The “KEEP COOLTM technology” impresses with a measurably longer battery run time. The innovative heat management is controlled by an integrated Electronic Management System that coordinates charging and discharging between the battery pack, the cordless tool and the rapid charger via a constant exchange of data. 

KEEP COOLTM technology - Innovative and e cient battery cooling system.

Efficient and superior thanks to innovative technology.

The battery cells increasingly heat up the more they dis- charge (e.g. during screwing). This is a normal process that can quickly cause a shutdown by an overheating protection function when particularly high work demands are placed on the battery pack. The new FLEX “KEEP COOLTM technology” has created a possibility to delay this.

The active cooling with the innovative cell jacket not on- ly delivers a significantly longer battery run time, it also increases the service life of the battery pack.

The integrated cooling technology is a patented cell layer that changes its aggregate state, thereby allowing it to absorb surplus heat.

The KEEP COOLTM technology actively prevents overheating of the batteries. This enables the battery to draw on all of its full power over longer running periods. 

High-performance battery cells.

The new FLEX high-performance cells utilise the full battery capacity and thus allowing longer battery run times. 

A large number of charging cycles can damage battery packs. They lose their capacity and their service life is increasingly reduced. Here too, the KEEP COOLTM technology significantly reduces the loss of capacity and thereby also increases the battery’s service life. 

High-performance brush motors. Powerful and reliable

The powerful and reliable high-performance brush motors impress with a high power output, quiet running and relia- bility. The motors were specially designed for the demanding requirements of construction sites. Attention was also paid to ensuring that the change of the carbon brushes is both simple and quick. 

EC high-performance motors. Particularly e cient and maintenance-free.

The brushless EC motors from FLEX are maintenance-free and achieve significantly higher performance parameters than brush motors. 

KEEP CONTROL technology. Intelligent battery management system

Everything under control!

The battery management system based on MCU (Micro Con- troller Unit) technology monitors the current, voltage and temperature, and controls the charging process. All pro- tective functions are programmable and are adapted to the functions and applications of the respective model type. 

Who’s actually monitoring whom, and why? 

While the battery is being discharged, in other words dur- ing work, the electronics in the battery pack monitors and measures the cell voltage and the temperature, and this data is sent to the tool. The electronics in the tool monitors and measures the current.

During charging, the electronics in the battery pack moni- tors and measures the voltage, temperature and current, and thereby controls the charging parameters. The electronics in the battery pack evaluates the charging status and decides which charging cycle follows with which parameters. This command to perform the charging is sent to the charger. The charger precisely follows the instructions of the battery pack. The result is situation-dependent and therefore gentle charging of the battery pack. This significantly increases the service life of the battery pack.