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The most easy-to-handle FLEX Giraffe® ever. Great ease of use, surprising versatility and reliable quality –made in Germany: The FLEX Giraffe® GE 5/GE 5 R is lighter, more flexible and more robust than ever before. And for those who want something even lighter and easier to handle, there’s the FLEX Okapi® GSE 5 R. With all the advantages of the Giraffe® GE 5 R – but shorter.

The work of painters, drywall constructors, plastering specialists and many other trades was revolutionised with the introduction by FLEX of the first Giraffe® WS 702 VEA long-neck sander for wall and ceiling working in Europe in 1997. The FLEX Giraffe® is the world’s most widely-sold long-neck sander. The reliable and proven Giraffe® WS 702 VEA was followed by the innovative and unrivaled Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV. For the first time there is now a long-neck sander – equipped with a unique interchangeable head system – which can “stretch”. Along with sanding large surfaces, the 

innovative triangular sandinghead has now also made it possible to seamlessly sand up to edges and into corners. Without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. This allows for a directfinish of the corners and edges. The Concrete-Giraffe® WST 1000 FV is the result of consequently adapting the technology of the successful long-neck sander to work on concrete, plaster, paint coatings, screeds, both natural and artificial stone, tile adhesives and many other materials on walls and ceilings. The new small and convenient Handy-Giraffe® WSE 7 Vario is the ideal addition to the Vario-Giraffe®, above all when processing confined spaces and rather small wall and ceiling areas. To make your work even easier on large surfaces and high ceilings up to 3.20 m, we have developed the mobile workstation for Giraffe GM 320. FLEX now has a unique family of long-neck sanders which can deal with practically all the requirements demanded. An insight is provided on the following pages into the numerous applications for FLEX Giraffe® sanders.

FLEX Giraffe®. Effortlessly the best.

Uniquely light. Well thought-out material use and a weight-optimised design: At 3.9 kilogrammes, the FLEX Giraffe® is almost a full kilogramme lighter than its predecessor. This makes handling even better, and work fatigue-free. On high ceilings as well as on walls. As easy to handle as it looks. The unique balance concept of the FLEX Giraffe® GE 5/GE 5 R guarantees relaxed, equilibrated working. Makes sanding noticeably more comfortable thanks to an optimum centre of gravity and extremely simple operation. The spade handle, the slender tube with a grip recess and the optimised joint are other features that make the ergonomics of this tool exemplary. And what’s more, the FLEX Giraffe® is practically vibration-free.

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FLEX Giraffe®. Handier than ever before.

More sensitive than ever.
The Super-Soft pad with velcro cover is idealfor sensitive sanding on putty surfaces. The GE 5/GE 5 R is optimised for use with perforated sandpaper.


More variable than ever.
The FLEX Giraffe® can be “stretched” by using an optional tubular extension. This enables you to reach ceiling heights of up to 3.20 metres. As the extension is not permanently integrated, the machine remains especially light when in basic use.

Lighter than ever.
At 3.9 kilogrammes, the FLEX Giraffe® is almost a kilogramme lighter than before. This makes handling even simpler and ensures fatigue-free working.


More easy to handle than ever. 
The FLEX Giraffe® is perfectly balanced thanks to its optimum centre of gravity. This allows relaxed and balanced working. The slender tube with the grip recess makes using it even more comfortable.

More versatile than ever.
Thanks to the sanding head that reaches right up to the edge on the GE 5 R, you can work not just on walls and ceilings but also at edges and wall-to-ceiling transitions using a single unit. This saves a lot of time and there is no need to use special machines.

More clever than ever.
The toggle screw enables the plate to be changed without using tools.



Giraffe® transport system. Light, robust and innovative.

The transport bag for the FLEX Giraffe® GE 5/GE 5 R and Okapi® GSE 5 R provides optimum protection thanks to the tear-resistant fabric material, and the shaped foam parts provide a firmer grip. The bag is particularly comfortable to carry thanks to the large carrying handles. There is sufficient storage space for accessories such as sanding discs. A plastic case with comparable features weighs around 4 kg more.

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The FLEX Vario system. Everything with a click.

Whether wall or ceiling, whether small or large work surfaces, whether surfaces or edges and corners – you are ready for everything with the wall and ceiling sanders of the FLEX Vario system. In addition to the Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV, the ideal sander for high walls and ceilings, you now have the “small” Handy- Giraffe® WSE 7 Vario for processing smaller areas which are difficult to access. And all that with the intelligent double head system for round and triangular sanders. Be convinced by the smart FLEX Vario system on the following pages.

Round or square? It makes no difference! The Vario-Giraffe® can do both.

The high removal rate and effective dust extraction make for a quick work progress. Whether it is sanding wallpapered surfaces, taped joints or even finely sanding down marble and smoothing plaster,the round sanding head-equipped Vario-Giraffe® achieves results that you can be proud of. Edges and corners can be worked on using the exchangeable orbital triangular sanding head. No need for additional manual touching-up. Seamless sanding in all positions thanks to the 360° rotating triangular sanding head. Even in the corners and angles, the Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV Plus always impresses with perfect results.

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Only the result counts.

Precise and safe control
Thanks to the numerous grip options, the Vario-Giraffe® can always be guided precisely and safely – even directly in front of your body.

Always on the move
As the sanding head can rotate through 360°, the Vario-Giraffe® can be negotiated around the corners. This allows seamless sanding in all positions, even in the tightest corners and angles.

Perfectly balanced
For optimum balance the Vario-Giraffe® has an additional handle on the motor housing in addition to the ergonomic handle.

Just in case
The new exchangeable protective corners with upholstered sliding strips provide the surfaces to be processed with special protection.

Giraffe® stretch!
High ceilings can be comfortably reached thanks to the T-handle and the tool-free telescopic extension of 133–173 cm. Furthermore, the sanding pressure can be optimally applied.

Right into the corner 
Thanks to the telescopic function, corners which are difficult to access can also be easily processed with the triangular sanding head.

Mobile workstation Giraffe. For all those who aim high.

The FLEX Giraffen-Mobil GM 320 is a mobile workstation for processing walls and ceilings using FLEX Giraffen. Above all, the Giraffen-Mobil GM 320 greatly facilitates the sanding of large surfaces. As the user does not have to lift the Giraffe® himself, he expends much less energy and therefore does not get tired quickly.


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