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The perfect finish on metal surfaces

Whether on flat or curved surfaces, in angles or corners, the FLEX surface finishing programe is always the right choice forbrilliant results.

For balustrade work, tank construction and all surface processing, we have the right machines. Our fillet weld grinder and ourspecial finger grinder help you reach the most difficult to access areas, for perfect results every time. All power tools naturally feature speed control to ensure they always offer you optimum performance for your various applications.

With our special-purpose power tools, matching accessories and range of abrasives, we provide you with the ideal systems to achieve perfect results. The machines and accessories are also supplied as Professional-kits in a carry case, making things even easier.

The speed control ensures that the speed is correctly adjusted for grinding and polishing. The speeds stay constant under load. The LE 14-7 125 INOX has a soft start for a jerk-free start-up. Temperature monitoring prevents any fused windings. The restart protection stops the machine from inadvertently starting after a power failure. The completely cast electronic component prevents damage due to metal dust.

The INOXFLEX is superb for grinding down weld seams, breaking and rounding edges and for cleaning and finishing work on stainless steel, steel, light alloys and non-ferrous metals. The special gear reduction delivers a high torque in the medium and lower speed range. This prevents blue discolorations and distortion caused by a build-up of heat.

Adjusted to all the different practical requirements

Superior performance 
Powerful, strong 1400 watt motor for quick working progress. Features constant speed control thanks to a tachogenerator.

SoftVib hand grip
SoftVib handle dampens vibrations, protects the operator’s joints.

Optimally aligned
Special gear ratio for high torque in the medium and low speed range. Prevents blue discolouration and distortion from heat.

Dust guard with tool-free quick adjustment. Simple and quick adjustment to different working positions.

Spindle stop
Easy tool change with the integrated spindle stop. Protected from accidental press.

FixTec quick-lock nut
FixTec quick clamp nut for tool-free and quick disc change.

3-fold winding protection against metal dust. Prevents the ingress of dust and therefore reduces motor wear. Mesh guard on the winding overhang of the armature (fan side) also extends the service life.

Armoured winding on the armature (commutator side) protects against deposits and damage to the armature and commutator.

Epoxy-coated winding on the field core protects against abrasive dust and short circuits on the field.

From coarse grinding to mirror-finish polishing

More efficiency
The texture of the PYRAFLEX grinding disc enables work steps to be skipped, thus shortening the amount of time normally needed for the work. It also improves the surface quality and impresses with its long service life. Ideal for removing scratches and rolling skin on stainless steel and for building up a grinding surface pattern based on defined quality criteria.

To a mirror finish
The felt pads are made from natural raw materials. When used in conjunction with the correct polishes/agents and oils, they are particularly suitable for polishing (to a mirror finish), sealing and care.

SC fleece discs
For removing minor damage, scratches, tarnishing, rust film, scale and dirt. On thin sheet metal, tarnishing on weld seams can also be optimally removed without heat distortion.