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Tools for painted surface finishing.

What a perfect finish needs is a fine touch, special machinery and the right accessories. After all, in either the garage or vehicle paint shops it is a question of getting to grips with everything at all times. The FLEX surface finishing programme provides the optimum solution – and gleaming results – for the most varied of requirements.

Whether it is a matter of polishing, paint care, sealing or one of scratches or holograms, we not only have the optimum machinery but can also help you in all questions concerning painted surfaces. Demands are being constantly placed on vehicle paintwork from weather and air pollution, on the one hand, and from mechanical effects, on the other. The consequences come in the form of fading and scratches. Parts of the paint surface are lacklustre and dull. The damage is particularly conspicuous on dark shades and under the sun’s rays. Just as annoying are hologram effects. Although very small, they still leave dull, greyish traces on the paint surface – just like a film of grease.

Another preliminary remark: Before you repair paint damage and defects, you should first prepare the surface as usual by sanding it with the appropriate grain size. After all activities we also recommend wiping the surface with the microfibre cloth to remove polish residue. It is also important that you know the different effects of lambswool and sponge. Although soft and fleecy lambswool (TopWool) is still regarded as particularly suitable for repolishing, it is in reality extremely aggressive. As the polishing agent is deposited intensively on and around the individual fibres, the effect of the polish is increased many times. Therefore, polishing with lambswool, in comparison with sponge, requires less time and generates less heat.

For “coated surfaces” FLEX has the ideal polishing solution for every application.

1. The soft powerhouses

High torque at low speed. That is the hallmark of the gentle power packs from FLEX. Even when starting at the lower speed range you can feel the power. Powerful and cool, so you can polish even the most demanding surfaces. The very quiet operating noise is especially pleasant. Professionals have appreciated this for years with our legendary L 602 VR and our PE 14-2 150 and PE 14-1 180 will also inspire you.

2. The allrounders

A wide speed range from 1100/1200/min to 3700/min is what distinguishes these small and handly allrounders from FLEX. You can choose between our classic L 1503 VR with sliding switch and grip hood and the ergonomic version PE 14-3 125 with slim grip and accelerator switch.

3. The orbital

With their combined rotary and eccentric movement, the orbital polishers simulate the movement of the human hand. This keeps the surface cool and the finish perfect. Not only are coated surfaces well sealed and treated, they can also be polished with no holograms forming. Orbital polishers are also superb for removing polishing smears and holograms.

4. The specialists

The polisher L 1202 is especially suitable for applications with wood or stainless steel. This machine uses extra large buffing wheels, polishing mops and brushes. Above all, very small, narrow and hard-to-reach places can be optimally finished with the PE 8-4 80.

Developed by professionals for professionals.

The POLISHFLEX is perfectly adapted to user requirements. Motor and gear unit both operate extremely quietly. The optimum speed range and the high torque are ideally suited for processing sensitive surfaces. Thanks to the ergonomic design and low weight, even difficult areas can be easily reached and processed. The maximum polishing pad diameter is Ø 200 mm (PE 14-2 150), Ø 250 mm (PE 14-1 180) enabling horizontal and vertical surfaces to be processed quickly and comfortably.

2-speed gearbox
The gear unit is combination of planetary and lapped angular gear units. Planetary gear units can transmit very high torques despite their very compact design. Extremely low noise level, even under load.

Can be held lower
The machine has a flat gear head to keep the distance from the surface as small as possible. The machine can therefore be operated safely in any position.

It has grip
The grip hood with SoftGrip has been ergonomically designed for optimum and precise guidance. If required, a handle can be attached to the side (included as standard equipment).

Always keeps a cool head
Powerful 1400 watt motor with highly efficient fan for optimum air flow. The optimized air ducting system ensures the best possible cooling of gear unit and motor.

No blowing air
There is no annoying exhaust air for the user.

With a lot of feeling
Accelerator switch for a slow and sensitive start and a lock for continuous running.

Always a turn for the better
Microprocessor electronics with stepless speed preselection.

Easy to operate
The spindle lock is ideally positioned to prevent operating errors and does not interfere with the grip area.

POLISHFLEX PE 14-2 150. Small, black, strong

Especially handy
The flat gear head with SoftGrip ensures that you have a secure footing and superb handling. The POLISHFLEX can therefore always be controlled safely and comfortably.

Always on the move
FLEX microfibre cloths remove residue reliably and extremely gently. TIP: After each application excess polish should be removed from the surface.

Perfectly balanced
The POLISHFLEX runs very quietly. The noise level has been optimized to such an extent that it is hardly noticeable even under load.

Just in case
The maximum polishing pad diameter is Ø 200 mm (PE 14-2 150), enabling horizontal and vertical surfaces to be processed quickly and reliably.

Can be held lower
Thanks to its flat design and optimized weight, the PE 14-2 150 can be guided safely even in difficult areas.

With a lot of feeling
Thanks to the microprocessor electronics with stepless speed selection of 380–2100 rpm (PE 14-2 150), even sensitive materials, such as carbon, can be processed gently.

POLISHFLEX PE 14-1 180. The large-scale master.

The PE 14-1 180 is characterised in particular by its enormous torque and the extremely low noise level. High load capacity thanks to optimised cooling – above all at the lower speed range. The accelerator switch enables polishing to be started gently and slowly.

Especially when working on aeroplanes, the low weight and perfect handling enables you to polish large vertical and horizontal areas comfortably and effortlessly using polishing bodies up to Ø 250 mm.

Everybody gets a lift with the power of the PE 14-1 180.

Over the horizon
The maximum polishing pad diameter is Ø 250 mm, enabling horizontal and vertical surfaces to be processed quickly and re liably.

Ultra light-weight
Thanks to its ergonomic design and the low weight, difficult areas can be easily reached and worked in almost all locations.

Always stay cool!
Problem surfaces, which e.g. are sensitive to heat, can be worked optimally even at the lowest speed thanks to the high torque.

Small but really fine
Light-weight, handy and very quiet. These are the advantages of the PE 14-1 180 when it involves working large areas.

Working flat out
The small gap between the surface and the flat gear head is reassuring especially in sensitive and difficult areas.

A neat job
With a weight of only 2.3 kg, the PE 14-1 180 is one of the lightest polishers in its class. Even large vertical areas are child’s play.