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Effective floor and wall finishing with the specialists from FLEX.

Whether it is a matter of removing plaster, concrete, screed or render coatings, FLEX has just the right solution on hand for each and every task. No obstacles stand in the way of FLEX renovation grinders and scourers – whether the talk is of large/small areas, corners or edges. All renovation grinders and scouring machines are fitted with powerful, sturdy motors which can withstand the high demands placed on them. It goes without saying that all machines have effective dust extraction. The extraction and filter systems of the FLEX vacuum cleaners are perfectly matched to FLEX machines to prevent harmful dusts contaminating the surrounding air.

With the new LD 18-7 150 R, FLEX provides a high-performance 1800 watt machine that has proven its worth particularly in floor work. No matter if your disc diameter is 125 mm, 150 mm or 180 mm: application-oriented renovation sanders are a special strength of FLEX.

In the form of the innovative RETECFLEX RE 14-5 115 you have available a widely diverse tool for those numerous jobs in renovation and modernization work. The RETECFLEX can be quickly and easily adapted to your own requirements. Whether it is to be used with a scouring head, perforator, diamond grinding disc or a sanding/polishing pad, just a few movements of the hand suffice to convert to any tool. Let yourself be won over by the wide scope of application possibilities of the new RETECFLEX RE 14-5 115.

A large and comprehensive range of specially coordinated high quality accessories are available for a multitude of applications.

The speed controller ensures that the speed is correctly adjusted for grinding and polishing. The speed stays constant under load. The RE 14-5 115 has a soft start for a smooth start-up. Temperature monitoring prevents any fused windings. The completely cast electronic components and special winding protection prevent damage due to metal dust.

The RETECFLEX. The specialist for grinding, sanding, scouring, perforating and polishing.

Packed with power
Powerful, strong 1400 watt motor for fast working progress.

Extremely flexible
Electronically controllable speed. Whatever the various tools and heat-sensitive materials, the right speed can always be set.

Everything extracted
Effective dust extraction for clean air and uninterrupted vision.

FLEX clip-system
Large extraction cross-section; simple, quick connection using the FLEX clip-system. No adapters or reducing sleeves required.

Up to the edge
Swivelling brush segment for quick adjustment for working close to edges.

Extraction guard D 115 with brush ring
Tool-free height adjustment for quick and easy guard adjustment to the required working depth.

Adjustable base D 80
Tool-free changeable and height-adjustable baseD 80 for milling tool and perforator, for optimum control of the machine and effective dust extraction.

Spindle stop
Easy tool change with the integrated spindle stop.

Always held correctly
Optimum handling position for various working situations.

RETECFLEX. The quick-change artist amongst the renovation grinders.

The RETECFLEX is a tool with a very wide variety of applications for refurbishing, renovating and modernizing work. The compact design makes the tool ideal to handle. The RETECFLEX is perfect for working smaller surfaces. Whether with base or dust extraction guard withbrush ring, working close to the edge is assured by both the attachments. The brush ring-equipped dust extraction guard has a tool-free adjustable edge segment. The ideal tool for smaller workshops. The universal tool for many applications. And each one with dust extraction.

Easily and quickly converted whatever the requirements.

The power pack
The RETECFLEX has no trouble at all in getting to grips with severely weathered concrete.

Open to everything
The tool-free, swivelling brush segment is ideal for working close to edges. Even with the brush segment open, the dust extractor still performs wholehearted work.

Tough performer 
The scouring head with its 12 carbide metal discs is perfect for removing tile glue.

Sands almost anything
Together with velcro backing pad and sanding discs, the RETECFLEX is ideal for sanding old paints and wood – in association with dust extraction.

Perfect handling
Thanks to its low weight and excellent handling, the RETECFLEX can optimally work on walls.

Jack of all trades
The cutting wheels of the innovative perforator open up any wallpapers sealed by paint. Allowing liquid (wallpaper stripper solution) to penetrate much quicker.