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FLEX. Sands and sands and sands…

Your demanding customers are focussing more and more on high-quality surfaces. Optimum preparation and corresponding technology are required to achieve this.

FLEX supports you with a comprehensive sander range that leaves nothing to be desired. Rotary, random orbit or orbital: We offer the right tool for any need. The following overview is to support you in finding the right machine.

The SUPRAFLEX and the matching sanding materials achieve best working results. High removal rates at best surface quality – this is what the SUPRAFLEX stands for. No matter if painted surfaces, metal, wood or natural and synthetic stone – the SUPRAFLEX has the right solution for almost any material. The SUPRAFLEX is available in two versions. SE 14-2 125 for small to medium-sized areas with a disc guard-Ø of 125 mm and SE 14-2 150 for larger areas with a guard-Ø of 150 mm.

The universal and high-performance sanding specialist.

Grip hood with SoftGrip 
Ergonomically shaped for optimum and precise control of the machine. A side handle can be screwed on if required.

Compact and ergonomical 
Thanks to the ergonomical and low design as well as the low weight, even areas which are difficult to access can be processed easily.

Simple operation
Sliding switch for single-hand operation. Also approved for processing metal and stone.

Removal without end
Powerful and high-output 1400 watt motor for greater removal rate than traditional random orbit sanders.

Controllable speed of 600–2100 rpm
The speed control ensures that the speed is correctly adjusted for grinding and polishing.

Extremely quiet
The gearbox of the SUPRAFLEX is an innovative combination of planetary and lapped angular gears. Planetary gears can transmit very high torques despite their very compact design. Extremely low noise generation thanks to sound optimization, even under load.

Extraction hood with swivel segment 
Enables you to work near edges at maximum extraction power. Can be opened without any tools.

Easy and without any tools
Height adjustment and removal of the extraction guard hood without additional tool.

FLEX Clip system
For fixed hose connection. Adapter with FLEX Clip connection for Ø 32 mm snap connection included in the standard equipment.

Spindle lock
Ideally positioned to prevent improper operation and does not interfere with the grip area.

Intelligent air flow
The optimised air flow ensures the best possible cooling of gearbox and motor. And there is no annoying exhaust air for the user.

Good for your health
The 8-hole system ensures a virtually dust-free workplace.

The specialist for painted surfaces.

Convincing extraction power
In conjunction with the FLEX safety vacuum cleaners the SUPRAFLEX, thanks to its unique extraction power, ensures a virtually dust-free workplace.

Running extremely quiet
Motor and gearbox are characterised in this class by a unique smooth running performance. Furthermore, the noise generation is considerably reduced by sound optimisation.

Precise and safe control
With the ergonomically shaped grip hood with SoftGrip the SUPRAFLEX can be guided precisely and safely.

Up to the edge
The extraction hood of the SUPRAFLEX enables you to work near edges at maximum extraction power. The segment can be opened quickly and without any tools.

Unique removal rate
1400 watts provide adequate power reserves at all speed ranges. This allows unique removal rates on all materials.

Sanding performance per minute
The SUPRAFLEX has a 300% greater removal rate than traditional random orbit sanders (source: FLEX test workshop).

The specialist for stainless steel and steel alloy.

Gentle removal on any surface
Old paints and varnishes on metal surfaces can be removed effortlessly with the SUPRAFLEX. Despite its high removal rate, it protects the surfaces.

The new sanding tool CERAFLEX is characterised by a high removal rate with low heat generation and above all by its special ceramic grit on the fabric base. This extends the service life significantly and increases the cost-effectiveness.

Versatile applications
Polishing flap discs for sanding, cleaning and finishing work can also be used for processing stainless steel. The required accessories, clamping flange and clamping nut, are included in the stainless steel set 393.428.

The coarse structure of CORKFLEX reduces heat generation on the surface, above all when fine sanding. As a result, the service life is three times longer than comparable sanding tools. The cork accessory also provides a better deep cleaning of the surface. For a greater gloss and better haptics.

Suitable for processing aluminium
The excellent extraction power and the low speeds also allow aluminium and galvanised steel to be processed.

It stays cool 
The optimised air flow ensures the best possible cooling of gearbox and motor. And there is no annoying exhaust air for the user.

The specialist for natural and artificial stone.

Working in all positions
The ergonomics and especially the handling of the SUPRAFLEX also facilitate the processing of difficult areas. Particularly where details are important.

Make something new from something old! 
Worn or damaged natural or artificial stone for steps, window sills, floor tiles, exposed concrete areas, etc. can be processed effortlessly with the SUPRAFLEX and the suitable accessories.

Close to the surface
The SUPRAFLEX has a very flat gear head to keep the distance from the surface as small as possible. This facilitates precise control of the machine.

Also outstandingly powerful
Despite the opened guard hood, the extraction power of the SUPRAFLEX remains constant. This avoids constantly opening and closing the hood when processing small areas near edges.

Diamond pads for dry sanding 
Without using water. This has a huge advantage for repair and renovation work indoors. In conjunction with the dust extractor there is almost no debris.

Brilliant result up to the edge 
The guard hood of the SUPRAFLEX was designed in such a way that the upright surface is not damaged when sanding and polishing near edges.

The specialist for wood processing.

Optimum handling
When sanding, the right feel is always important. The rubberised grip hood of the SUPRAFLEX ensures the perfect grip and safe control.

Two-stage gearbox
The innovative two-stage gearbox of the SUPRAFLEX reaches a high torque even at low speeds. This ensures rapid work progress.

When things get tight 
Thanks to the low height of the housing, the SUPRAFLEX can also be guided effortlessly in confined areas.

The SUPRAFLEX is also characterised by its very low noise development. This makes work even more pleasant.

From sanding to polishing 
Remove the guard hood easily and without any tools, set the optimum speed and the sander becomes a polisher. It can’t be simpler.

Polishing felt pads
Made from natural raw materials. Ideally suited for polishing stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, wood surfaces, mineral-based materials, paints, glass, acrylic glass (in conjunction with the correct polishes/agents and oils for sealing and care).