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TRINOXFLEX. Effective, fast and particularly economical.

The FLEX tools and their accessories are specially tailored to the diverse requirements of metal finishers. This includes the longevity of the machines just as much as their capacity, functionality, handiness and safety. And, of course, not forgetting the innovative technology. After all nothing is that good that precludes any further improvements.

Whether on flat or curved surfaces, in angles or corners, the FLEX surface finishing programe is always the right choice for brilliant results.

For balustrade work, tank construction and all surface processing, we have the right machines. Our fillet weld grinder and our special finger grinder help you reach the most difficult to access areas, for perfect results every time. All power tools naturally feature speed control to ensure they always offer you optimum performance for your various applications.

With our special-purpose power tools, matching accessories and range of abrasives, we provide you with the ideal systems to achieve perfect results. The machines and accessories are also supplied as Professional-kits in a carry case, making things even easier.

With the new TRINOFLEX, FLEX offers a new, versatile and above all variable surface system for stainless steel finishing. A patented claw coupling enables the burnishing and pipe belt grinding attachments to be positioned and changed on the basic drive BME 14-3 L without the use of tools. This allows you to work particularly effectively, quickly and economically. Thanks to the change system, there’s no need to buy two machines. An other attachment can be added to the system at any time. FLEX also supplies a complete set with a burnishing and pipe belt attachment. All variants are available in a L-BOXX®.

Two for the price of one

Always the right speed
Thanks to the variable speed and the constant speed maintenance control, the machine is optimally suited to stainless steel surfaces. All electronic modules are completely encapsulated for protection against dust.

Packed with power 
The TRINOXFLEX is equipped with a 1400 watt high-performance motor. The reinforced winding on the armature and collector protects against deposits and damage.

Easy to operate
The spindle lock is slightly recessed in order to prevent accidental operation.

Burnishing attachment
The burnishing attachment allows working close up to the edge and is also suitable for narrow rollers.

Vibration-dampened, ergonomic bail handle for optimum handling and machine guidance.

Removable guard
Can be removed comfortably via a rotary lock without using tools. Suitable for tool diameters up to 125 mm.

The innovative quick-action coupling allows the tool attachments for burnishing and pipe belt sanding to be changed quickly and without using tools.

Simple and quick
Simply releasing the clamping lever enables the tool attachment to be changed comfortably and quickly.

The quick-action coupling allows the tool attach ments to be used in variable positions. This enables the position of the handle to be adjusted as required.

Patented quick-change system
Whether a rubber roller or an expansion roller is involved, the grinding tool can be changed quickly and – above all – without using tools. Press –> Rotate –> Pull off

Guide stop 
Enables a uniform surface pattern to be achieved when burnishing narrow workpieces.

Pipe belt attachment
The high-quality light alloy sanding arm with spring bearings and two deflection rollers wraps around pipes up to max. 270° and allows working up close to the edge at wall junctions. Guard plates prevent chips from flying off towards the user. In addition, the vulcanised convex drive roller ensures that the belt runs safely in the centre of the drive roller.

Pipe belt sander with wrap angle up to 270°

For coarse grinding, burnishing and polishing stainless steel and other materials up to a mirror finish. The wide 270° wrap angle allows a pipe to be finished in just two work steps. Thanks to the steplessly adjustable speed, it is possible to optimally adapt the belt speed to the material requirements. Precise guidance of the sanding belt delivers a uniform surface pattern. The sanding belt can be changed without using tools.

Sits well in your hand
Optimum guidance of the TRINOXFLEX is possible thanks to the narrow grip circumference and a grip position that is particularly ergonomic.

It couldn’t be more simple
Simply release the clamping lever and the tool attachment can be changed comfortably and quickly.

Adapts itself to any position
The quick-action coupling allows the tool attachments to be used in variable positions. This enables the position of the handle to be adjusted as required.

Changes into a burnishing machine with just one click

The high-torque 1400 watt motor, the steplessly adjustable speed and the burnishing attachment make the TRINOXFLEX the ideal machine for grinding, burnishing, brushing and mirror-finish polishing. The triple winding guard protects the machine against metal dust, thereby extending the service life.

Sanding fleece
The elastic fleece roller a multiply pleated sanding fleece is suitable for almost smooth sanding finish on stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass etc.

That goes together
The extensive FLEX sanding range offers the right sanding fleece, the right brush and much more besides for almost all tasks

Adapts itself to any position
Even the grip position of the burnishing attachment can be variably adjusted to suit your needs.